The Good Thief
Book One: "The Good Thief"

"The Good Thief" Series by Barry Connolly

Novels in the "Good Thief" series include Book One: "The Good Thief," Book Two: "On the Road to Damascus: The Story of Rebekah and Lucius," and Book Three: "Serah: The Daughter of Rebekah and Lucius."  While the books can be read in any sequence, reading the first, second and third in order provides the most satisfying experience because the characters' lives develop in that order.
On the Road to Damascus.   In the months following the death and resurrection of Jesus, his followers grow in faith and numbers. But in Jerusalem, the high priest of the Great Temple mounts a campaign of terror against them. Called to lead this persecution is a zealous young scholar, Saul of Tarsus.
     Many of the believers in The Way of Christ flee for their lives, forced to abandon home and family. Some seek sanctuary in the northern territories. Caught in the midst of this turmoil and peril are a young Jewish artisan and the Roman centurion who cares deeply for her. Both will be swept up in a transformative journey of discovery, faith and love "On the Road to Damascus."