The Good Thief
Book One: "The Good Thief"

Novels by Barry Connolly

Novels in the "Good Thief" series include Book One: "The Good Thief," Book Two: "On the Road to Damascus: The Story of Rebekah and Lucius," and Book Three: "Serah: The Daughter of Rebekah and Lucius."  While the books can be read in any sequence, reading the first, second and third in order provides the most satisfying experience because the characters' lives develop in that order.
Serah.  Serah Corvinius is a young Christian girl who is coming of age in the shadow of the Emperor Claudius' Rome. The daughter of a Roman centurion and a Jewish artisan, Serah lives an idyllic life on her father's equestrian estate. There, magnificent horses are trained for fierce competition in the races at the Circus Maximus.
     When a powerful and vindictive Roman senator threatens her family's welfare and her own life, Serah is compelled to flee to her mother's homeland in Judea. In Jerusalem, she will experience for the first time the prejudice and danger facing the followers of Jesus Christ. It is an adventure that will test her beliefs, challenge her courage, open her heart, and change her life.