The Good Thief
Book One: "The Good Thief"

Novels by Barry Connolly

Novels in the "Good Thief" series include Book One: "The Good Thief," Book Two: "On the Road to Damascus: The Story of Rebekah and Lucius," and Book Three: "Serah: The Daughter of Rebekah and Lucius."  While the books can be read in any sequence, reading the first, second and third in order provides the most satisfying experience because the characters' lives develop in that order.
The Good Thief.  Jerusalem, 33 A.D. In the wilderness south of the Holy City, two wealthy and influential brothers have been robbed and killed. Their murders spark an aggressive search by Roman authorities to find and punish those responsible. A young Jewish man, returning home to announce his engagement, finds his brother and sister dead--innocent victims of the Roman tribune leading the investigation. The surviving brother's obsession with revenge will take him from the back alleys of Jerusalem to a thieves' den in the mountains of Judea, and finally to a fateful encounter with the man he has sworn to kill. It will end with the brother's crucifixion alongside Christ on Good Friday. Every Christian has heard of the Good Thief. This is his story.